Part 8


Have you ever read or listened to someone’s story and thought: “That’s exactly what I needed to hear today”?

When a person stands and shares their story in an empowering way, it not only heals them, but it heals others as well.


There is no greater pain than bearing                             

an untold story inside you.

Share your story ... Change a life

Our painful stories are narratives that need to be remembered, mastered, healed, reframed and shared. When we were created, we had a design that was perfect and flawless. Time and people have a way of distorting that original creation. Most of us experience pain and suffering as a result of that separation from our initial state of humanity.

But God calls us out of our suffering story to return us to our original condition, a position of healing and freedom. Our stories are epochs of God’s beauty, compassion, kindness, and mercy. Our mastered and reframed stories are a reflection of God himself and how our lives can be changed forever.


The future can be extraordinary if a person has changed, because the moment they become transformed they become proof that things can be different and that God can change anyone. Our story becomes proof of a future with amazing hope.

I am one of those eternal optimists. I can be a bit naïve, but I trust people. I believe people can change. I usually think, “Just give them one more chance, maybe this is the one. I know they’ve let you down a thousand times before, but maybe this time will be different.” Yeah, I’m that guy, because you know why? I am living proof of a changed life. I know who I was; I know the mess that was inside of me. And when I trusted my life to the life of Jesus, he changed all that. And I know for sure that if I can change, anybody can change. My own story reflects a beautiful transformation.

A person’s reframed story becomes proof of a better world, a better humanity, a better future, and a better life. God can make anything better. That’s why our stories have to move from bitterness to forgiveness, from brokenness to wholeness, from fear to bravery, from intimidation to confidence, and from insecurity to boldness











Our story about hope is not about pretending everything is going to be ok. Hope is having the character to overcome every crisis, every challenge, every wound, every pain, and all the suffering that the world can bring your way; a so-called avalanche of destruction. Because rock by rock, and stone by stone we crawl our way out of the rubble and stand up again and walk with the God that turns us back into our original condition. “If anyone follows me they will be a new creation. The old will be gone, the new is here!” – Jesus

Our redeemed stories are not only to bring us back to our original condition, but also to help bring the whole world back. We all have influence and connections. Take a deep breath and accept the terrifying reality that it is our responsibility to make healing relevant, beautiful, accessible and known to the world.

This is our mission.

God has given us the task of telling everyone what he is doing. He believes in the power of human transformation. He believes that if he puts his love in us, the world will then be compelled to respond to his love.


He believes that going through a death with him we will emerge as beautiful butterflies so that others will be drawn to the same life.

Would you be willing to share your story of having gone through a painful existence, like a cocoon, and can now show off the beauty of your wings, your skill of flying, your courage to exist in a whirlwind of life so that more people might find the hope to do the same?

I am going to invite you to consider sharing your story. Stay tuned next week as I introduce this idea.