SouthBrook is committed to helping couples begin their married relationship on the most stable and secure platform as possible.We use a program called Prepare/Enrich that uses an assessment to help couples focus on critical relationship issues. The assessment is intended to identify a couple's relationship growth and strength areas so that they progress in a positive direction.

Once the assessment has been completed by the engaged couple, they are assigned to meet with a mentoring couple for 6-8 sessions, each lasting about one and a half hours. Each session includes the mentoring couple and the engaged couple going through the results of the assessment and assigning specific exercises that will increase their relationship health.

Some exercises include:

  • Couple strength and growth areas
  • Assertiveness and Active Listening
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial plans
  • Personal, Couple and Family Goals

Watch this video as Daniel & Traci talk about the value of their Prepare/Enrich experience.


  1. How much time commitment is required? A mentoring couple can determine their own schedule and can be as active as they desire. Some couples have time restrictions during certain seasons of the year, so they only volunteer a few months of the year. On average a couple may mentor 2-3 couples a year.
  2. Is there training involved? Yes. Each mentoring couple will be given enough training to facilitate their ability to coordinate a thorough examination of the engaged couple's strengths and growth areas. 
  3. What would a typical session look like? With the intention of building rapport, you might ask them how the wedding plans are going. You might segue into a review of what was discussed last time and if there was any homework assignments. Was there anything they did not understand? You would then begin discussing the next subject and maybe have the couple do an exercise there in your house. Praying for the engaged couple is always a nice way to end the session.



As a mentoring couple, what benefits do you receive?

"To be able to share insights and wisdom we've learned along the way with a couple just embarking on marriage is an incredible feeling.  We love getting a chance to serve God together by planting seeds that can help couples to grow closer together and have a positive impact on their future."  Doug and Carolyn

"We believe that by participating in the mentoring process it makes us both aware of the tools that can be used to resolve conflicts, and to enhance our communications to improve our relationship." Dave and Clarine

"We find marriage mentoring fulfilling because we are teaching tools that are not intuitive. These tools will help young couples in their marriage covenant, which mirrors the covenant between God and His people. Although we have been married a while, Mike & I still learn new techniques and better approaches when teaching young couples. It has been especially rewarding when we hear from couples that we have mentored and they mention using techniques that we taught them; for instance, maintaining romance in the relationship with a date night." Mike and Debi

"Although we are relatively new to mentoring, we have realized that we might be getting more out of this than the engaged couple.
We have received three gifts:

  1. We are reminded that the rewards of marriage take work. And when we work together in helping another couple, we grow.
  2. A second gift is how contagious the new couples sense of adventure is. They are imbued with a spirit of seeking. Seeking the future and all that it will bring to each of them and their marriage. Through them we are motivated to stay out of the ruts by trying new things together and as individuals.
  3. And thirdly, we have been reminded of what a great gift marriage is from our Father God." Jeff and Jaclyn


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